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[10:55] <fxscy> hello friend
[10:56] <fxscy> perhaps you'll prove your worth
[10:57] <fxscy> we have a feeling about your team
[10:58] <fxscy> for now, complete a series of challenges and
[10:59] <fxscy> we'll speak soon
[11:00] <fxscy> ready?
[11:01] <fxscy> Service Descriptions
[11:01] <fxscy> Service Endpoints
[11:02] <fxscy> HACK THE PLANET
[11:02] <fxscy> Service Errata
[11:03] <fxscy> Scoreboard
[15:00] <meta> Sponsored by Bishop Fox
[15:00] <meta> Flags can now be submitted by SSHing into scoreboard@ctf.mit.edu (password: thisPassword).
[15:00] <meta> Do not attempt to break out of the sandbox.
[15:00] <meta> Questions can be directed to mitctf@mit.edu
[15:00] <meta> getsocial binary was updated in 'Service Errata' to match the server binary.
[15:00] <meta> babynetecho binary was updated in 'Service Errata' to match the server.binary.
[15:00] <meta> fsignal has been updated in 'Service Errata' to reduce the complexity, the attack is still the same.
[15:00] <meta> (if you think you need to send more than 1000 requests to the server, you're doing it wrong).
[15:00] <meta> tbd has been updated in 'Service Errata'.
[15:00] <meta> Solving 'secureca' requires generating a certificate for secureca.mitctf.com.
[15:00] <meta> Regarding web challenges, remember that browsers send newlines as CRLF.
[15:00] <meta> Additional instances of rogue are running on the server at ports 4243, 4244, 4245.
[15:00] <meta> fsignal2's description should be "If only there were another way to talk to another user that's already online".
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