MITCTF 2017 is an On-Site CTF running at MIT in Cambridge, MA


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[02:53] <@root> hello friend
[04:41] <@root> we've heard interesting things about you
[06:29] <@root> want to be part of the hack of the century?
[08:20] <@root> complete a series of challenges and you will be
[09:04] <@root> we'll speak soon
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[13:12] <meta> Start Time: 3/18/2017 10:00:00 GMT-0400 (EDT)
[14:57] <meta> End Time: 3/19/2017 16:00:00 GMT-0400 (EDT)
[16:38] <meta> Location: 42.3590, -71.0944 (MIT @ Cambridge, MA)
[18:28] <meta> Prizes: $1500
[20:08] <meta> Testing will take place on location (teams must be present on-site to compete)
[20:54] <meta> Testing will primarily focus on University teams
[21:26] <meta> Individuals and Teams can now register through this form.
[22:38] <meta> Individuals will be added to a list to help self-organize teams.
[24:19] <meta> Challenge Types:
[26:07] <meta>     Reversing
[27:55] <meta>     Forensics
[29:46] <meta>     Web
[30:32] <meta>     Pwning
[31:04] <meta>     Physical Security
[32:14] <meta>     Infiltration
[34:08] <meta>     Team Badge
[35:53] <meta>     Crypto
[37:34] <meta> Sponsored by Bishop Fox
[39:24] <meta> Questions can be directed to
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[??:??] Newcomers and Experienced Competitors welcome.
[??:??] Teams will be split into the Novice and Experienced division.
[??:??]   Novice Teams will be ineligible for cash prizes, but can request hints/aid during the competition.
[??:??]   Experienced Teams will be ineligible for hints/aid, but can win cash prizes.
[??:??]   While all teams can attempt Physical Security/Infiltration tasks, Experienced Teams will have priority.
[??:??] Meals will be provided for competitors.